DimZ's mebership form :)

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DimZ's mebership form :)

Post  DimZ on Sun Jul 20, 2008 6:26 pm

1 - First Name: Aaz Lewis
2 - Game name:DimZ
3 - Do you need your registered name changed to match your game name?: nope
4 - Are you currently in any other clan: No but I've had my own clan an server in the past (|Os| and .eFt? )
5 - What languishes do you speak fluently (english, and a bit of german
6 - Where are you from: Wales
7 - Have you read our rules and policy: yes
8 - How long do you play ET ?:I played for 2 years, had 6 mounth gap and now im back Smile
9 - What is your favorit class ?:Mostly medic and Engi
10 - What is your Kill/death ratio ?: 3:1
11 - What is your Email adress ? Aaz-lewis@hotmail.co.uk Pls no spam
12 - How old are you ? 15 bounce
Lipi, Nibz and nacho seen me play Wink
On game im already member i talked to cossy and vac aproved

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